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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Deployment has sunken in

My husband is in the Air Force and he has taken off on his first deployment nearly two months ago. We have had a whirlwind summer! Now that we are getting into fall and working on 'school' activities with Ari, we have finally gotten into a routine. Ari and Evie are now getting the benefit of mostly full time German at home and I am still looking up words I don't know =) Conversation has become a stunted thing between myself and my almost three year old who is quite verbose. Ari is having a great time learning all of the things she will need to prepare herself for Kindergarten. Unfortunately she has also started fighting me about speaking German. I am not sure if she has realized that German is just a sort of secret language just between us and she doesn't like it or maybe she thinks I am crazy? I still have not found a native speaker or a very good learned speaker to practice with and help me improve- which unfortunately means that Ari does not see any other adults who speak the language. Ah well, we will continue as we have been and hope that she will remain somewhat interested until we can find some more people to speak with.


  1. Sounds like a challenging time! Best wishes to you on your "single momdom" while your hubby is away, and congratulations on the birth of Evie! You have a great attitude and I'm so impressed that you can continue with the German while taking care of two children by yourself.

  2. Hi again, Jennifer! Hope all is well with you and your family.